XT-Lite Cheapest Satellite Phone by Thuraya


XT-Lite Cheapest Satellite Phone by Thuraya

Something awesome has happened to the price of satellite phones in Australia.

Thuraya has released a new handset that has revolutionized the cost of satellite communication down under.  The new Thuraya XT-Lite phone is one of the best selling sat phones because of its low price and excellent calling rates.

Thuraya’s phenomenal reputation for quality and smart communication technology backs this great satellite phone.

No doubt about it, time after time Thuraya has managed to shock the competition by bringing outsmart, good looking, robust and feature-packed handsets.  And the XT-Lite Satellite Phone is yet another winner in their awesome range.

The Australian market is still reeling and moaning after the latest blow by the Government. 

The wonderfully popular Government Subsidy Plan was axed and, as a result those who are in most need for a lifeline communication, people in regional Australia and the outback, are no longer able to buy satellite phones at discounted prices

There is no doubt that this axing of a worthwhile public funding has hurt country people and those who commute often in regional Australia.   With the average cost for satellite phones running around the $1200, mark few people can afford to own one.

For the first time ever we are now receiving calls from customers looking for second-hand units but these are hard to come by now.

So there is no question in our mind that the need for a low-cost satellite phone is urgent and very real. 

Thuraya, has once again, kept its finger on the pulse and is trailblazing in the field of discount handsets at the most appropriate time.  

The production of an inexpensive satellite phone does not happen overnight.  So there is no doubt that the folks at Thuraya had long predicted the need for an affordable and low budget sat phone.


Thuraya XT-Lite features

The Thuraya XT-Lite is the junior brother (or sister if you prefer) or the wonderful Thuraya XT, a beautifully made, good looking and reliable handset.  The XT is Thuraya’s pride and joy.   So it offers the same level of ease of use and functionality.   The cost reductions is derived by scaled-down non-essential features and other optional functions that the average subscriber can easily live without.

XT-Lite Cheapest Satellite Phone by Thuraya

XT-LITE features

  • The ability to make calls and send and receive text messages in satellite mode
  • The well known XT long battery life for reliable communications
  • The same quality standards that are found in the Thuraya XT
  • The same walk-and-talk capability found in more costly handsets.  Walk and talk offers the maximum flexibility in satellite mode.  This means that you can use the phone while moving.


XT-Lite available at Safecity

Accessories for the XT-Lite

The XT-Lite offers a car kit with an external antenna.   I am pretty sure that the average user will not mind not being able to play pretty tunes with their sat phones and save $700 on the ticket price.

Well done again Thuraya for being the trailblazers of satellite communication standards.

If you are interested in this technology and, if you are considering purchasing a handset for yourself of your loved ones, I strongly recommend you click the button below and ask us for a quotation. 

You will receive expert and honest advice from Safecity.  We place the interest of our customers before our commercial interests.

We expect the demand to exceed the supply of these new low-cost handsets and we are fairly certain that stocks will be quickly depleted.

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Be safe.

Thuraya XT-Lite available at Safecity

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